the Chiefs finished that season with a 2-14 record and Charles was about their only contributor

With 15 turnovers, including six against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday and a fumble that cost the Lions a win over the Seattle Seahawks, the team can’t stay out of its own way. Still, even if an illegal bat was called, the Lions’ struggles go beyond bad luck.
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After finishing No. 2 in defense and No. 19 in offense in 2014, the Lions are near the bottom of the NFL in both categories. The Lions are 30th in points scored, and even sent Matthew Stafford to the bench in favor of Dan Orlovsky during a beatdown at the hands of the Cardinals. While Stafford will almost certainly get his starting job back for Week 6, he now leads the NFL in interceptions.

He recovered in time for the start of the 2012 season, and he made his presence felt with 87 yards on 16 carries against the Atlanta Falcons. That year, he had two games of 220-plus yards, and rushed for 100-plus yards in five other games. He finished fourth in the NFL in rushing yardage, behind only Adrian Peterson, Alfred Morris and Marshawn Lynch.
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Unfortunately, the Chiefs finished that season with a 2-14 record and Charles was about their only contributor. But he made a full recovery, and while it’s not guaranteed he can do it again — he’ll be 29 years old when next season gets underway — he’s been through this before and that should be reason for a shred of optimism for Chiefs fans.

This is far from the 2008 Lions team that finished 0-16, but it would need a miraculous turnaround to even finish with a respectable record.

All five games for the Ravens have been decided by a touchdown or less, and with the No. 10 scoring offense, there’s still time for the team to turn things around. It’s almost definitely too late to earn the AFC North crown, though. The Cincinnati Bengals are off to their best start in almost three decades, while the Ravens are already four games back.