It should have been two free throws for Drummond and Pistons’ ball

You are correct your interpretation of the last-two-minute rule. As to why the foul question was not called intentional and off the ball, I couldn’t tell you. I thought it was both. did the . It its last-two-minutes officiating report, the reviewer Justin Britt Jersey noted the foul against Westbrook was called incorrectly. The notation read: Westbrook is correctly called for a foul on Drummond but away-from-the-play foul should be called. It should have been two free throws for Drummond and Pistons’ ball. there were two goofs on the play.

Westbrook didn’t have the proper awareness of the clock and foul situations. important, neither did K.J. Wright Jersey the officials. If Gundy did anything wrong, it wasn’t raising Cain about the clear officiating error. Q: Who do you think the Pistons match up better against a possible seven-game playoff series, the Cavaliers or the Toronto Raptors? And even if the Pistons do finish eighth place, there have been three cases where eighth seed defeated a one seed since the went to its best-of-seven opening-round playoff format 2003. there is historical evidence that opening-round upsets can and do happen the . I think the Pistons have a puncher’s against both. … But of the two, I think they might stand the better against the Cavaliers. What’s your take? Thank you, . Respectfully — AtomicAsphalt Q:. — A: , AA. AA, .

I lumped your related questions together because it’s clear that we’re only talking about a two-team debate the first round, and Toronto. There is no realistic possibility of another team crashing the top two the East and extremely little probability that the Pistons move any higher than the seventh seed. If the Pistons win the first round, I’d like them best against Boston of the potential second-round opponents. But that’s a bit far down the road. It’s easy to overthink this stuff sometimes. The Cavaliers haven’t been the same team since they fired Blatt.

They botched his entire situation, from hiring him when he shouldn’t have been, to firing him when he shouldn’t have been. The Cavs also went to the Finals with pretty much the same cast last year. Toronto got swept the first round by Washington. The Cavs have LeBron , Kyrie Irving, and a good cast of supporting characters. Toronto has a good cast and two All-Star guards whose names many general sports fans who ‘t follow the closely wouldn’t remember. Readers here know we’re talking Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan, but folks who tune into the only after college basketball ends only had four playoff losses a year ago to commit those names to memory. Both teams favor a relatively grinding pace. Both allow fewer than 99 points per game. Gundy might not like pace statistics, but the Cavaliers and Raptors rank 28th and 29th, respectively, number of possessions per game. Call it pace, call it what you want, it’s the real, measurable number of possessions a team averages over a regular season. When postseason grinds into non-transition zones with even fewer possessions, it absolutely favors the more defense-oriented team accustomed to playing that way. Both are efficient offensive teams.