Next in line to help Jared Goff start reaching his potential is the offensive scheme.

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This is why Sean McVay was hired. Coach McVay worked wonders in Washington with Kirk Cousins.
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With McVay calling the plays, Cousins threw for 4,166 and 4,917 yards in 2015 and 2016. Washington ran a steady diet of play-action passes off its zone run game. This gives easy reads for the quarterback and opportunities for big-chunk plays. It builds confidence in a young quarterback

This is exactly what the Rams offense was last week against the Colts. Steady run game, followed up with play action passes. In 2016, Goff had a dreadful 5.3 yards per pass attempt. In the first game of the 2017 season, that number jumped to 10.6. Yes, it’s a small sample size, but this is just the start of this offense.

Sunday’s games at least look a little better. I have two big underdog picks this week, which I’m sure I won’t regret at all. The Browns are 8-point underdogs against the Ravens, and I’m just not buying that. I actually feel pretty good about that one.

I also picked the Bills to cover a 7-point spread on the road against Carolina. Logic says, there’s no way the Bills won’t get kneecapped in this one, but the Panthers just don’t look to me like they have things figured out yet. Plus, I’m no doctor, but it doesn’t look like Cam Newton’s shoulder is back to 100 percent yet.

Mike Glennon homecoming! Okay, that’s maybe the fifth most interesting thing about this game. This is the first game of the season for the Bucs. I’m anxious to see how the offense looks after the addition of DeSean Jackson. Throw into the mix with Mike Evans, it should be a potent unit, and you see that reflected in the spread. But it’s only their first game. Will they have had a chance to gel as a group? Probably not as fully as they will, but they don’t exactly need to be a well-oiled machine to beat a 7-point spread against the Bears and Mike Glennon.