That’s not to say Winston’s lower completion percentage is all his receivers’ fault

On the surface, Mariota’s basic passing statistics are superior to Winston’s. Mariota has a higher completion percentage, averages more yards per attempt and has a better touchdown-to-interception Vince Wilfork Authentic Womens Jersey ratio than Winston. But that doesn’t tell the full story. ESPN Stats & Info takes a look at the tale of the tape to see how both quarterbacks stack up statistically through Year 2 so far:

In his career, Winston has been pressured on 32.8 percent of his dropbacks, the sixth-highest rate in the league during that span. The league average is 27 percent. Mariota checks in just below that at 25.6 percent, which ranks him 24th out of 38 qualified quarterbacks.

“There’s something about the silver and black that Mexicans just love,” said Roberto De La Vega, 42, another fully outfitted Raiders fan. “They’re a team that is sort of magical.”

They call the Raiders, proudly, Los Malos. (The Bad Guys.)

And their fans were everywhere this weekend.

When a group of teenagers posed for quincea?era photos in front of the famous statue for the Angel of Independence, about a hundred fans took over the shot and began a “Raiders!” chant. When they heard the team would touch down at 6 p.m. on Sunday, they migrated to the Hyatt Regency to salute their arrival. When Hall of Famer Tim Brown was scheduled to sign autographs, they lined up early. And when an NFL Whitney Mercilus Authentic Womens Jersey official told them the session was still seven hours away, and that they should find something to do in the meantime, they basically said, “We’re good.”

This wasn’t just the first Monday Night Football game outside the U.S. These were two first-place clubs, making up the highest combined winning percentage for an international NFL game. This was a team nearby against a team with a giant local following, playing on a national holiday that observes a Mexican revolution. This was in the city with the largest population in the Western hemisphere.

The question looming over everything DeRozan does is whether he can sustain it

If DeRozan averaged 34 points across nine games in February, we’d note his hot shooting streak, but do little more than that. Since he started the year like this, though, it’s impossible not to wonder if he can carry on.

Nine games is a small sample size, and much too Rudy Gobert Authentic Womens Jersey small to predict another 73 games’ worth of results. DeRozan’s mid-range percentages are almost guaranteed to fall — 55 percent is just too high for that 8-to-24-foot range. Kevin Durant led the league from that area last year with a 49 percent mark on several fewer attempts than DeRozan is taking this year.

The Clippers are holding opponents to a league-best 40.9 percent shooting, a lesser Trey Burke Authentic Womens Jersey percentage than what Jordan shoots from the foul line (45.5 percent). That’s because DJ is one of the NBA’s best rim protectors.

Players attacking the rim while Jordan is manning the middle have made only 32-of-79 shots (40.5 percent), and his 20 blocks on the season are good for fifth-best in the NBA. That inside presence allows the Clippers to aggressively defend the perimeter, limiting opponents to just 22.6 three-point attempts per game, fourth-fewest in the NBA.

Defense leading to offense
“The defense is so good right now our offense is allowed easy baskets,” coach Doc Rivers said. “They’re angry when the other team scores.”

Los Angeles’ two-pronged defense makes it the second-best team in transition, behind Trey Lyles Authentic Womens Jersey only the Warriors in points per fast break play (1.25). The Clippers have six players shooting 50 percent or better in transition, and they’re even deadlier when they get into their halfcourt offense.

“In this sense, he was talking about five black men and their situation. Do I think he meant it any kind of way? I really don’t know. I don’t think he did. I would hope that he didn’t.”

Fantasy football cheat sheet: Start, sit and more tips for Week 11

Thursday night brought us a wild game between the Carolina Panthers and New Orleans Saints, and hopefully your fantasy team isn’t in total shambles heading into the weekend. For whatever reason, that Rob Sims Authentic Womens Jersey was a game that put a lot of people on tilt, and my phone can attest to that with a number of passionate text messages.

That’s OK, though. It’s just one game, and there’s a long way to go this week. Plus, if there was ever a week to be mentally strong, this is the one, as several of the most favorable matchups in Week 11 require you to believe in players who may have burned you several times in the past.

Despite four teams being on a bye in Week 11, there’s still a multitude of options to win your DFS contests this week. Here are the top values.

“When I’m running, I tend to see a lot,” he said. “There are a lot of running backs who see the first level, the D-linemen, and they can’t really see the second level [the linebackers]. Or they can see the first and second level but can’t see the third level. I feel I’m a guy who can see all three [linemen, linebackers and safeties].”

That’s how the chess game begins. Bell says he lets the offensive linemen handle the defensive line, and he tries to set up the linebackers or safeties with his eyes. If he’s running inside zone, he wants the linebacker to think he’s going outside or to a different hole.

“I never feel like I’m in a rush,” Bell said. “I’m controlling the pace. If I have the ball and hit the hole right now and get 3 yards, I feel like I can be patient, work for something, knowing I can still get the 3. It’s something that’s hard Ryan Broyles Authentic Womens Jersey to be coached on. I just feel I’ve perfected it over time.”

Bell has noticed linebackers trying to “mimic me” as if they know what he’s doing. But Bell said that’s the best time to trust his linemen. He tells them to block square to the ball, no angles, and he’ll do the rest.

There’s a good-teammate benefit to patient running, too. He’s never running into the backs of his linemen.

“Offensive linemen hate that,” Bell said.

Overall, Bell believes his patient personality away from the field translates to Sundays. He doesn’t overreact when his puppies make a mess of his house at home, and he won’t during a carry, either.

“That’s just who I am,” he said.

Jimmy Butler and his football are bringing the Bulls back together

Jimmy Butler has a companion with him on the road this season.

Since the Rio de Janeiro Olympics this summer, the Chicago Bulls All-Star swingman has packed a football with him on trips. The football, given to him by Pittsburgh Steelers All-Pro Antonio Brown, has made appearances in NBA arenas and practice facilities all across the country and is sure to be seen on the Bulls’ current six-game road trip, which Authentic Bilal Powell Jersey starts in Portland on Tuesday night and ends in Philadelphia on Nov. 25. For a team that struggled with unity last season, the football has become a symbol of what the Bulls hope will be a more cohesive group this season.

Butler, who also has a close friendship with Denver Broncos star wide receiver Demaryius Thomas, has built up his ideal football roster from within his Bulls squad. He believes Isaiah Canaan could be a “stocky corner” and he likes the arm Hoiberg has shown, but his starting point guard has made the biggest impression on Butler to date.

“I will say I think [Rajon] Rondo has the best arm Authentic Brandon Marshall Jersey on the team,” Butler said. “I got the best hands, by far. So me and Rondo got to work on my snowbirding and his leak out. So, it’s fun.”

Like Butler, Rondo — who played quarterback at Eastern High School in Louisville, Kentucky — believes he can play on the gridiron.

“If we play flag football, I’m definitely starting at quarterback,” Rondo said.

In trying to mature as a leader this season, Butler is helping his team grow closer with a simple gesture. His friends also have more belief in Butler’s football game than he does.

“I think he’s got what it takes to be a receiver,” Brown said. “I don’t know if he’s willing to get hit a lot. But he loves the game of football. He could do it if he wants.”

So you’ll have to excuse the veteran forward and many Bulls staffers if they couldn’t quite believe what they witnessed Tuesday night. It wasn’t just that the Bulls destroyed the Blazers from beginning to end, a 113-88 domination, it was the ease with which it occurred.

The fact that the Bulls were the ones setting the tone against a team that has owned them in this venue over the seasons was made even more impressive by the fact that Fred Hoiberg’s team was playing without Rajon Rondo (left ankle), Doug McDermott (concussion protocol) and Michael Carter-Williams (knee/wrist). The Bulls out-hustled the Blazers throughout the night and were able to continue riding the hot hand of Jimmy Butler.

The Knicks have won a combined 49 games over the past two seasons

Jackson, who is in his third full season with the Knicks, reiterated that he hasn’t thought about potentially opting out of his contract after this season.

“I have not entertained that,” he said. “I’m looking for this Knicks team to get back into a situation where they are competitive. Do I have to win a championship before I feel I’ve done the job I’ve been asked to do, which is to bring this group back to that competitive level? No, I don’t. We’re starting to make progress. I like a lot of the things we are doing here. But we’ve got more to do.”

“They’re moving forward in the right direction. [First-year coach] Luke [Walton] has them engaged, Brian [Shaw] is an associate head Matt Ryan Authentic Womens Jersey coach; they have a core group of guys that will get it done. It was never important to me to go back and be a part of that,” Jackson said. “Especially not now. I have this job, this commitment.”

The Jackson-to-the-Lakers speculation is fueled by his ties to the organization. Jeanie Buss, Los Angeles’ team president and part-owner, is Jackson’s fiancée. He also coached the Lakers for 11 seasons, winning five championships. It’s also possible that the Lakers may have a vacancy in the front office after the season.

“If [a lockout] was going to happen Matt Schaub Authentic Womens Jersey in December and everybody chose to walk away, there was no way I was going to sit in New York for three, four months when I didn’t have a job, because [the players] aren’t even allowed to show up to work,” Jackson said. “So, in that case, I would go back to L.A.”

Fans have a new hero. The players have a new leader. His name: Dak Prescott.

“Seasons are fleeting. Games become more precious. Chances for success diminish,” Romo said. “Your potential successor has arrived. Injured two years in a row now in your mid-30s. The press is whispering. Everyone has doubts. You spent your career working to get here. Now, we have to start all over.

“You almost feel like an outsider. Coaches are sympathetic but they still have to coach and you’re not there.

“It’s a dark place, probably the darkest it’s ever been.”

Romo spoke nearly five minutes and did not take questions. He never said the word “backup” but made it clear he has a new role — and it’s one he’s willing to accept.

Dawg (almost) bites man: Inside an enduring image from Georgia-Auburn rivalry

Nobody can say for sure whether the dog was acting out of playfulness or malice, but Auburn receiver Robert Baker was nearly bitten all the same 20 years ago when he encountered Georgia’s bulldog mascot Uga V.

The memorable 1996 meeting between Georgia and Auburn featured plenty of history. It was the 100th playing of the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry — a series that continues Saturday at Sanford Stadium — and it became the SEC’s first overtime game, with Brad Marchand Youth Jersey Georgia winning 56-49 after four extra periods. But two decades later, the game is perhaps best known for the moment where Uga stood his ground against the encroaching Tiger.

“The noise [from the crowd after Baker’s first-quarter touchdown catch] scared the dog and startled it,” said Uga’s sideline handler Charles Seiler, whose family has long owned the line of bulldog mascots. “Bulldogs are kind of bred to run and catch things, and in a playful way, I think the dog turned around and there was this big guy coming his way and so he lunged out at him. It was a good thing that I had the leash and that the leash was short or Uga would have lit him up.”

Eddie McDoom has become a Michigan fan favorite nine games into his career with the third-ranked Wolverines. The true freshman has whittled out a slowly expanding role for himself as the team’s jet sweep specialist from his spot at wide receiver. He’s won the attention of the Big House crowd thanks in equal part to his ability to leave defenders and the dust and, of course, a name made for football.

It didn’t take him long to figure out what they were yelling the first time he sped up the sideline for 19 yards in his college debut against Hawaii.

“I was just like, well, that’s pretty sick,” he said.

Morris McDoom was born in Jamaica and moved to Brandon Carlo Youth Jersey Florida shortly after his 18th birthday. He’s not exactly sure of the genealogy that produced his surname. He imagines that the Irish and English who came to the Caribbean had some influence on the spelling, which can be found on many islands in the area and in parts of South America’s northeast corner. One theory posits that the name is an anglicized version of a village in Guyana.

Belinda tried to research its meaning many years ago when she married into the family. But the best she could come up with was to laugh and say it just meant she was Doomed for life once their wedding made it official.

What matters more now for Michigan football, and perhaps the College Football Playoff race, is not where McDoom came from but where he is headed. And how fast he’ll get there.

Sources: Phil Jackson unhappy with Knicks’ limited use of triangle offense

Phil Jackson hasn’t been pleased with the New York Knicks’ performance on offense — particularly with the number of times the team has run the triangle offense — during their 2-4 start, league sources told ESPN.

New Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek has tried to speed up the offense this season and hasn’t run much of the triangle in the first six games. After watching the Knicks’ win against the Chicago Bulls on Friday, one Eastern Conference scout said the Knicks ran something out of a triangle set only a handful of times.

Hornacek has said that he’s implementing “principles of the triangle” offense into the Knicks’ half-court offense. But he also wants his club to try to generate offense early in the shot clock in transition, where pick-and-roll would be employed.

With Yadier Molina dethroned, the two longest Gold Glove streaks now belong to Royals catcher Salvador Perez and Rockies third baseman Nolan Arenado, who Tim Wright Authentic Womens Jersey each have won one in four straight years. Perez is the first AL catcher to win four straight since Ivan Rodriguez (1992 to 2001). He won on the strength of his throwing arm — his six defensive runs saved just for his arm were one shy of his career high (7, 2012).

Arenado is the first third baseman to win four straight Gold Gloves since Eric Chavez won six straight (2001 to 2006). The Rockies have now won a Gold Glove in each of the last seven years.

Arenado had 75 good fielding plays (think “Web Gem-like” plays) in 2016. No other third baseman had more than 51. He won on his range, ranking nine plays above average on balls hit down the line (second in the majors to Beltre) and 12 above average on balls hit in the shortstop-third base hole (easily best in the majors).

Nebraska, which fell from No. 10 to No. 19 this week, probably won’t get into a New Year’s Six game even if it wins out to finish 10-2. The Cornhuskers’ ugly loss last week at Ohio State won’t soon be forgotten. But a 10-win Nebraska team would still be in the final top 15 and would add to other league contenders’ strength-of-schedule metrics.

If the committee — the one that inexplicably Travis Swanson Authentic Womens Jersey ranked Texas A&M No. 4 last week — were consistent week to week, then Ohio State would be No. 4 right now. But the good news is this will almost certainly work itself out.

How can teams stop the Tide from rolling and rolling and … ?

In the southeast corner of LSU’s Tiger Stadium, where the visitors sit, not a one of those visitors was sitting at all. Instead, they stood, cheered and sang, with the scoreboard above them reading “LSU 0, ALABAMA 10” just beneath the purple-and-gold sign that read “Welcome to Death Valley.”

Across the field, 120 yards away, the remaining LSU fans also sang, but with muted resignation. It was their sixth straight loss to their SEC West archrival. It was Alabama’s 13th consecutive win over a ranked opponent and 21st win in a row. It was Nick Saban’s 200th win, which made him the third-fastest to reach that mark and brought his record against LSU, his former employer, to 8-3. It was also the team’s 19th shutout in 10 seasons, seven more than any other team in that span, and it marked the first time the Tigers were held scoreless in Baton Rouge in nearly a decade and a half.

“Alabama is the measuring stick,” LSU interim coach Ed Orgeron said late Saturday. His predecessor, Les Miles, was once the only consistent threat to the Bama stronghold. His inability to make a dent in that tower the past five years was perhaps the biggest reason for his firing in September. “Until someone proves they can knock them off, they will continue to be the measuring stick.”

One day, someone will figure out how to brandish Malcolm Smith Jersey that stick into a weapon. But this is not that day — not yet, anyway.

“Don’t mistake frustration for fear,” Tennessee head coach Butch Jones said in the days after his team’s 49-10 thrashing at the hands of the Tide a month ago. “If you fear something, you run the other way. We’re all working hard at running toward them — not away from them.”

The key will be having the right players — and plan — to know what to do when someone finally runs them down. Now let’s get on with Flipping the Field.

Jabrill Peppers Watch. Michigan’s human Swiss army knife played seven positions across 59 snaps against Maryland. That included four on offense, one of which had him catching a screen pass and then throwing it back to the quarterback, who went deep. Do we score that as an assist?

Donnel Pumphrey Watch. My 2016 man crush went for 112 yards during San Diego State’s 55-0 rout of Hawaii, which brought his career rushing total Mark Glowinski Jersey to 5,853. With three regular-season games remaining (at Nevada and Wyoming and home vs. Colorado State), he’s 544 yards behind Ron Dayne’s NCAA rushing record, which is totally reachable if he picks up the pace. The Aztecs’ victory also secured a spot in the Mountain West championship game. Add that to a bowl game, and the record is very possible. But if Pumphrey wants to be invited to New York for the Heisman festivities, he needs to break the record before the postseason.

Leading scorer Toddrick Gotcher checks at 11 per

Texas Tech’s Toddrick Gotcher leads the team scoring at 11 ppg. 8. Texas Tech – Texas Tech was shockingly over-seeded at No. 8, as the Red Raiders came at 19 and lost their first-round Big 12 tournament game to a lousy TCU squad. As late as 31, the Red Raiders weren’t even on the NCAA Tournament radar, after losing six of their first eight conference and falling to Arkansas the Big 12 SEC Challenge. But Tubby Smith rallied the troops, and embarked on improbable February stretch which Tech beat Iowa State, Baylor and Oklahoma three straight, which is basically what put this team the field.

The Raiders also beat Robert Blanton Authentic Womens Jersey conference champions Hawaii, South State and Arkansas-Little Rock the nonconference, that helps their cause as well. We would have liked to have seen Texas Tech get a 10 or 11-seed, but it is what it is. The committee loves power conference teams this superconference. This is one of the more balanced teams the nation, as seven players average 8-plus points per game. Leading scorer Toddrick Gotcher checks at 11 per. KEY STATS: 69 points allowed 72 points per game ‘s Kelan action during NCAA college basketball game against Villanova, Saturday, Feb. 20, Villanova,. 9. – The Bulldogs are back the NCAA Tournament field for the eighth time nine years after Robert Woods Authentic Womens Jersey navigating a challenging Big East schedule.

This group has some familiar names and faces, including human Swiss Army Knife Roosevelt Jones, who averages 14 points, 6 boards and 4 assists per game, and plays way bigger than his 6 listing would suggest. 6 senior guard Kellen Dunham is a prodigious scorer, and he can stroke it from deep. Sophomore forward Kelan can go off at any time, and has become one of the most underrated players the country. 6 forward Chrabascz is another familiar face, and he throws 10 ppg. Unlike previous iterations, this group wins with its offense, rather than its defense. PREDICTION: shoots the lights out, runs up and down the floor and outpaces Texas Tech. The Bulldogs win this one by double digits, then fall a close, well-played game against top-seeded Virginia. provides commenting to allow for constructive discussion on the stories we cover. order to comment here, you acknowledge you have read and agreed to our Terms of Service. Commenters who violate these terms, including use of vulgar language or racial slurs, will be banned. Please be respectful of the opinions of others. If you inappropriate comment, please flag it for our moderators to review.

The Vikings are second-worst in the league in total offense and in yards per game

The Vikings are second-worst in the league in total offense and in yards per game, at 293.3. The team has also been hit by injuries to Adrian Peterson, who tore the meniscus in his right knee, and linemen Matt Kalil and Andre Smith. Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater suffered a dislocated knee and ligament damage in an August practice.

Over the past three games, Tennessee Titans Cody Wallace Authentic Womens Jersey quarterback Marcus Mariota has produced a total of 62 fantasy points. Hey, that’s good for fifth overall in the NFL during that three-week stretch. But after posting those big numbers versus the Browns, Colts and Jaguars, who are in the bottom half of the league at defending opposing quarterbacks, where do we truly set the line for Mariota’s fantasy value moving forward?

“He always talks about, ‘Man it’s so much easier. If I knew what I know now, last year I would be picking defenses apart.'” Cooper said of Carr.

“So I think it’s the maturity and I think he sees Dan McCullers Authentic Womens Jersey things quicker… he recognizes the defenses faster so… he’s able to let the ball go without really thinking about it.”

And when Cooper has a bad drop, as he did late in the fourth quarter down the left sideline, Carr is in his Pro Bowl wideout’s ear. But not the way you’d think.

“It allows me, if one of my teammates drop a ball, or miss a block or something like that, I encourage them because I know how it makes me feel.”

Yes, it’s a feel-good story, even if Carr would rather go about his business than, say, finish third in the NFL Live fan vote for midseason MVP — behind a pair of Dallas Cowboys in Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott, but ahead of quarterbacks Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons and Tom Brady of the New England Patriots.

“I would rather not hear anything,” Carr said. “I’d just go about my business and hang out with my family, to be honest. But it’s part of this business, part of this job so, trust me I’m very honored and thankful. Don’t’ get me wrong, but at this point in the year, that stuff, it’s cool, but not for me.”

Then how much easier has it been in this, his third NFL season?

“It’s so much easier, because as a rookie, you’re swimming,” Carr said. “You’re seeing blitzes and speed that you’ve never seen in your life.

“And then all the stuff that happens off the field — press conference every week, signings, a whole bunch of stuff that just comes with the territory. But now, it’s just, it’s easy. I got my process down, I got my way I go about things and I surround myself with good people around me and they’ve done a great job of protecting me.”