George opens up talking about his love for Los Angeles, the Lakers and former star Kobe Bryant drove him to succeed as a basketball player.

I love LA. This is home. I grew up watching Kobe, George said. When I first fell in love with the game and I’m outside playing in front of the house, I’m not picturing myself in an Indiana jersey or picturing myself in a Thunder jersey, I picture myself in a Lakers jersey. Everyone in the league would say that they would love to go back home and play for their city. It’s just something about representing home.
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In addition, he talks about entering free agency as a milestone moment of sorts in his career.

This is what you Corey Knebel Authentic Jersey play for in your career is this opportunity … to ultimately pick where you want to go play at, George said.

George’s Marc Gasol Jersey agent, Aaron Mintz, features prominently in the episode and explains George’s various contract options, including how re-signing with Oklahoma City would give George significantly more money than any other team can offer.

I don’t know if Oklahoma City would have gotten a free agency meeting if he didn’t go there, Mintz said. Now, instead of getting a two-hour free agency meeting with Paul, you get a year-long free agency meeting with Paul. So, do what you’ve got to do to try to convince him, Mintz said.

For Thunder GM Sam Presti, this opportunity to re-sign George is one the team is glad to have, he says.

Players like Paul, one, there’s not many of them, Presti said. Two, they’re not often available. And three, probably more specifically for us as a smaller market in the NBA, our access to that level of player it’s not all the time just waiting for you. We felt like it was something that had to be done.

We wouldn’t have traded for Paul George if we didn’t believe in our community, our organizational values, our ownership. If you Paul George or any player to have any confidence in you as an organization, you have to demonstrate it yourself. Scared money don’t make none.