Ritchie later made similar remarks to the Guardian interview

However, apparently made no mention of this, telling the officials his interview that Bobby Massie Jersey he opened fire after Crawford made aggressive move. He added a written narrative that the 22-year-old had turned towards us aggressive manner with the rifle hand. By the time Darkow filed his own written narrative, 10 days after his interview, he described Crawford’s final action differently. Darkow said only that it was a quick movement, and did not repeat his Brian Hoyer Jersey earlier remarks that Crawford appeared to be trying to retreat. Darkow has always said that the shooting was justified. Sherrod speaks out against the officer that shot her. The inconsistencies emerged after Crawford’s mother told the Guardian the police were trying to cover their after discovering Crawford was holding a piece of store merchandise and speaking on his phone, rather than threatening shoppers. But it’s not working, because we’ve seen the video, we’ve read the report – it doesn’t match, said Sherrod. The investigation file offers the first indication of why Crawford was engrossed his phone conversation. the girlfriend the store with him, said that Leecee, the mother of Crawford’s two sons, had previously tried to call both of them several times, and was unhappy that Crawford was out with another woman. It also casts new light on the changing story of Ritchie, the customer who called 911 to report Crawford was pointing his gun and posing a threat. Ritchie said he was prompted to act when Crawford passed them the hardware section about 100 yards to the left of the corner where he stood until being shot. Ritchie and his wife, claimed afterwards that Crawford was causing panic among fellow shoppers. Yet only one of seven other customers interviewed by Ohio’s bureau of criminal investigation recalled seeing Crawford. The customer, Brewer, told investigators that he was not alarmed and presumed the 22-year-old was a Walmart employee taking a gun on sale at the store to a storeroom.

The open of firearms is legal Ohio. Photo released by the Ohio attorney general’s office shows the opened box of the BB rifle that Crawford III picked up. Photograph: Ohio bureau of criminal investigation Ritchie stated repeatedly on his 911 call that Crawford was pointing the gun at people, including two children particular. This was relayed to the officers on the ground, and before shooting Crawford, called back to the 911 dispatcher to confirm the gun was being pointed at people. a written statement to Beavercreek police the following day, Ritchie repeated again that Crawford was pointing the gun at people as they walked by. Yet Ritchie later explained that the with the gun wasn’t actually pointing the gun at the family, according to a report of his interview with state investigators, but swinging the gun around and flashing the muzzle at children. Ritchie later made similar remarks to the Guardian interview. Later still, the surveillance footage showed Crawford occasionally swinging the gun at his side and pointing it at a shelf, but not the direction of anyone. Ritchie gave a similar account to investigators, adding that Crawford was acting very shady. She said the couple trailed Crawford, adding that her husband was a former marine and knew how to maintain a safe distance. According to his official service record, Ritchie was a marine for seven weeks 2008. He told the Guardian he was discharged after chiefs declared him a fraudulent enlistment for not disclosing a medical condition. He maintains that he did disclose it but paperwork was not submitted. He claimed to investigators that he actually served for a longer period but his record was shortened retrospectively. Ritchie, who used a Walmart scooter due to a leg injury, said she travelled around warning shoppers about Crawford. None interviewed by investigators recounted this. Surveillance footage showed Crawford continued to look straight ahead. Yet Ritchie, who had been standing to his left, said that despite what the video camera was showing, they maintained eye contact with Crawford. After police told customers to evacuate, she left the scooter and ran. She later stopped cooperating with the investigators. The documents disclosed how Walmart staff might have made contact with Crawford before the 911 call was made, order to advise him about potential misunderstandings. Only one of 27 employees working at the time told interviewers that he noticed Crawford and the air rifle. The employee, Corey, said he saw Crawford swaying what looks like a full-powered weapon. While he considered it not be real, he believed that it could cause potential panic, according to his interview report. radioed a colleague and asked her to tell assistant manager, to have Crawford leave the store. told investigators that she looked for Crawford but could not find him, and then heard gunshots. estimated that the shots were fired about 10 minutes after his radioed message. This would mean that he made his request for managers to talk to Crawford about five minutes before Ritchie called 911. The documents also disclosed that one of the first police officers to arrive at the Walmart following the shooting was ‘s father, who serves alongside his the Beavercreek force. said his interview that he believed his ‘s actions had been line with the department’s policies and procedures.

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