he can’t be concerned with the main attractions.

After the Super Bowl, Jones appears to be at a fun outdoor gathering. There’s a server walking around with drinks, and based on the clothing Jones and the man to his right are wearing, they must be in a preferred location weather-wise for it to be late-February.
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However, he can’t be concerned with the main attractions. This picture with a squirrel was much more important.
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Out of everything and everybody that was likely at that event, this was the one thing that stuck out to him to post on his Instagram. With how concerned people can get with their social media habits and image, it’s dope to see Jones just decide he’s going to get one for the ‘gram with a person in a squirrel costume.

His season did end on a sour note, throwing a back-breaking late interception to cost Washington a playoff spot, but for the most part Cousins is worth committing to as a starting quarterback. There are plenty of teams who would to have someone at his level, and pay him like a franchise guy.

Now here’s the catch: Washington hasn’t committed to Cousins for the long term. They gave him the franchise tag last offseason, which made sense at the time — hedge your bets in case Cousins turns back into a pumpkin. But after another solid season, Washington still couldn’t lock up Cousins to a multiyear deal. He got the tag for a second time, and the July 17 deadline came and went with no new contract.

One of the biggest sticking points, at least on Cousins’ end, was the guaranteed money. Although the offer Washington made public contained $53 million in guarantees, it’s barely more than what Cousins would’ve already earned with the franchise tag money. He made $19.953 million last year and will take home $23.943 million this season. He’s now set to be a free agent next offseason, and if Washington tags him a third time, his salary will balloon to well over $30 million. Cousins owns the leverage now, and Washington only has itself to blame.