I’m going with the Bucs to win two straight.

Didi Gregorius Limited Jersey On paper, Atlanta was clearly the more talented team to start the season. Injuries have changed that and based on recent performance, the Bucs have been better. Tampa Bay nearly pulled off the upset in Seattle against the Seahawks and arguably outplayed Seattle even in the loss. Atlanta hosted Seattle last week and was thoroughly dominated in all three phases.

Carl Soderberg Limited Jersey With recent performance in mind and the fact Tampa Bay is playing at home, I’m going with the Bucs to win two straight.

The only reasonable thing to do in that situation is get loaded, which is exactly what everyone did. Soldier Field actually had to stop selling beer because everyone was getting so wasted. Some bozo even ran on the field, because, of course, that’s what happened.

The delay ended up being seven minutes short of two hours before they started playing football again. Because Chicago loves the Bears more than it loves anything, most of the people at the game stayed all the way through. As you might imagine with a crowd of wet and uncomfortable drunks, things got silly in the stands once the game began.

In the 20+ years I’ve been watching the NFL, there’s only been one game that I thought maybe – just maybe – the officials played a role in the outcome. Sure, I rant about their favoritism for Peyton Manning, but that’s really just my frustration with him being such a damn good player. Super Bowl XL – Steelers and Seahawks – was the only NFL game I’ve ever truly felt it was possible the guys in stripes played a significant role. Four years after the game, the white hat acknowledged mistakes the officials made in the game.