Chiefs’ Marcus Peters jokingly tried to take Eagles head coach Doug Pederson’s play sheet

The Eagles and Chiefs are playing in a reunion game Sunday. Eagles coach Doug Pederson was the Chiefs’ offensive coordinator from 2013-2015, before taking the Eagles job in 2016.

Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters went over to his team’s old offensive coordinator and jokingly tried to take the play sheet:

The Chiefs had a few good seasons with Pederson running the offense. They went 11-5 in 2013 and 2015, with a 9-7 season sandwiched in between.

Pederson wouldn’t do his old team any favors with the play sheet, but it’s clear there’s still a mutual respect on both sides.

Peters is a good player, so he really doesn’t need the help anyway.

Elliott and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones both lamented the length of the league’s investigation. It took over a year for a few reasons, including the NFLPA waiting until May to turn over Elliott’s phone records and other relevant documents to the NFL.

An NFL investigation into player conduct involves several moving parts. The league won’t even begin its inquiry until law enforcement finishes its process and determines whether or not to file charges. For Elliott, that happened when the Columbus City Attorney’s Office declined to pursue charges against him in Sept. 2016.

League investigators interviewed 12 different witnesses, including Elliott and his accuser, and reviewed thousands of text messages and other documents related to the domestic violence allegations. The text messages available to league investigators exceeded what law enforcement had to work with during its initial investigation, according to The Washington Post.nike_steelers_3004

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